Refinery29 Snapchat Discover

I designed and illustrated the below Snapchat Topchats for the Refinery29 Snapchat Discover Channel. The designs were animated by the R29 in-house team before publishing to the Discover Channel.


Brief Politics
Series I pitched for R29 to cover weekly politics on their Snapchat channel. 


~*Sex Dreams*~
Dreamy gradient design to keep the imagery
PG-13 for Snapchat while still making it feel sensual.


Find Your Unicorn Haircolor
Custom illustration I created to go along with a Unicorn Haircolor article. 


Draw Your Dream Swimsuit
Made sure to keep the body size inclusive for the tween audience of Snapchat while inviting them in to draw and share.

Sharable: Best Brows
Illustrated compliment series I pitched as a sharable for the R29 Discover channel.


Summer Hairtrends
Included photography from the original article into the design while adding quintessential R29 illustration elements.