Instagram Stories

We use our Tumblr Instagram stories to uplift and spotlight Tumblr communities and fandoms such as Photographers/Artists on Tumblr, Beyonce fan art, and Pride-related art during Pride Month. I launched our Instagram Stories programming on the Tumblr Instagram channel by working closely with the in-house Creative team to develop an Instagram style and format that would work for us. 


Original Content Creation

Based on our editorial calendar I develop original content to publish on our Instagram. These posts range in goofiness from full on shit-posting to fandom pandering collages that aim to boost engagement rates. Cross-promoted on Facebook/Twitter as needed.

Original Videos Series

Below are two videos I produced, directed, and edited for the Tumblr series "Reblog. Like. Block" where talent reads curated posts about themselves and decides to Reblog, Like, or Block each post. I worked on these videos from ideation down to publishing strategy to create a series that lends itself to talent partnerships. I've also worked on Black History Month and Women's History Month mini-series that are shorter but more pointed themed videos.